Introducing the “Confronting Unnecessary Care: Choosing Wisely Canada” Module

An accredited online module entitled, Confronting Unnecessary Care: Choosing Wisely Canada, has been released.

This module reviews the issue of unnecessary care in Canada and describes the resources and clinical guidance available through Choosing Wisely Canada – a physician-initiated campaign that encourages physicians and patients to have evidence-informed conversations about the necessity of medical tests and treatments so as to eliminate unnecessary care.

After completing this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Recognize the extent, causes, and potential harm of unnecessary care for both individual patients and the health care system;
  2. Interpret unnecessary care as a quality issue for which physicians are ultimately responsible and which can only be effectively dealt with by physicians in their practices;
  3. Reflect on the extent to which they themselves may sometimes provide care that is unnecessary;
  4. Become familiar with and plan to apply the clinical guidance provided by Choosing Wisely Canada across a variety of specialties;
  5. Use Choosing Wisely Canada resources to engage patients in evidence-informed discussions of potentially unnecessary care.

This project was funded by unrestricted educational grant from the Canadian Medical Association.

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