Choosing Wisely Canada is a campaign to help physicians and patients
engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

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Introducing the “Confronting Unnecessary Care: Choosing Wisely Canada” Module

Under the leadership of Dr. Sam Shortt, Vice-Chair, Choosing Wisely Canada, an accredited online module entitled, Confronting Unnecessary Care: Choosing Wisely Canada, has been released.

This module reviews the issue of unnecessary care in Canada and describes the resources and clinical guidance available through Choosing Wisely Canada – a physician-initiated campaign that encourages physicians and patients to have evidence-informed conversations about the necessity of medical tests and treatments so as to eliminate unnecessary care.

After completing this course the learner will be able to:

  1. Recognize the extent, causes, and potential harm of unnecessary care for both individual patients and the health care system;
  2. Interpret unnecessary care as a quality issue for which physicians are ultimately responsible and which can only be effectively dealt with by physicians in their practices;
  3. Reflect on the extent to which they themselves may sometimes provide care that is unnecessary;
  4. Become familiar with and plan to apply the clinical guidance provided by Choosing Wisely Canada across a variety of specialties;
  5. Use Choosing Wisely Canada resources to engage patients in evidence-informed discussions of potentially unnecessary care.

This project was funded by unrestricted educational grant from the Canadian Medical Association.

Begin the Confronting Unnecessary Care: Choosing Wisely Canada module now.

Capital Health Halifax: Choosing Wisely Canada and the Appropriateness of Healthcare

Capital Health Nova Scotia has put together a series of 3 short videos about Choosing Wisely:

More Medicine is Not Always Better Medicine

Having the Conversation with Patients

The Best Care Starts with a Good Conversation

These videos highlight the importance of appropriateness of care, and for physicians and patients to remember ‘more care isn’t always better’. Thank you Capital Health Nova Scotia for putting these together and emphasizing the importance of Choosing Wisely Canada!


Choosing Wisely International: The AMRC Champions Choosing Wisely Initiatives in the UK

Protecting Resources and Promoting Value: A Doctor’s Guide to Cutting Waste in Clinical Care is a report produced by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC) to emphasize the importance of delivering high value care in the UK.

The NHS is at a critical point in its development and delivery of healthcare. By championing Choosing Wisely initiatives in its future deliverance of healthcare, the AMRC hopes to promote dialogue about unnecessary tests, treatments, and procedures between patients and physicians optimizing healthcare in the UK.

Please read Protecting Resources and Promoting Value: A Doctor’s Guide to Cutting Waste in Clinical Care to find out more about the AMRC championing Choosing Wisely and the potential future of healthcare in the UK.

Also visit the AMRC’s website to read Dame Sue Bailey’s statement on the importance of implementing Choosing Wisely principles in the UK!


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