Choosing Wisely Canada is a campaign to help physicians and patients
engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

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Advisory panel on healthcare innovation report “salutes” Choosing Wisely Canada

Choosing Wisely Canada’s efforts to create a more efficient and responsive health care system across the country received kudos in a report released last Friday by Health Canada.

The report is the product of a federal advisory panel on health care innovation chaired by Dr. David Naylor, former president of the University of Toronto.

The panel was created by federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose last June with the mandate of identifying the five most promising areas of innovation that have the potential to reduce spending while improving quality and access to care.

It’s for this reason that Choosing Wisely Canada was recognized for its attempt at changing system culture, as it continues to encourage physician specialty societies across the country to list unnecessary tests, treatments, and procedures for patients.

“The Panel salutes this initiative as an innovative physician-led and patient-centered approach that has the potential to shift healthcare away from a culture of consumption to a focus on appropriateness and quality of care. The Panel encourages governments to support the implementation of this initiative in all jurisdictions and to carefully evaluate its impact…The Panel observed that some effective technologies and practices are slow to diffuse, while obsolete technologies and practices persist. To this end it recommended funding for, and careful evaluation of the impact of, Choosing Wisely Canada.”

Choosing Wisely in the Literature

A number of important articles have been published on the topics of overuse in the health care system and the Choosing Wisely movement over the past few months. We are eager to share a number of citations that may be of interest to you:

Choosing Wisely Canada Students Awarded 1st Prize for International Poster at American Geriatric Society Conference

Congratulations to two of Choosing Wisely Canada’s medical students, Billy Silverstein and Elliot Lass, who were awarded Best Poster at the American Geriatrics Society Conference International Poster Session in Washington DC on May 16th. Their poster outlined preliminary results from 291 surveys they distributed to patients at Family Health Team clinics in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, regarding their knowledge of appropriate use of common tests, treatments, and procedures. Survey results confirm the value in educating patients on the benefits and harm of fairly standard forms of treatment.


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